What we do

At our clinic, we believe in simple and effective treatments that aim to get you back to full health safely and efficiently. Our process begins with an assessment one of our qualified sports therapists, which allows us to create an effective treatment plan for your condition. This often involves interventions such as sports massage and joint mobilisations that aim to reduce pain, swelling, and restore joint mobility.

Next, we focus on exercise-based therapy to stimulate cell growth, regenerate and repair tissues, and prevent future injuries. We design customized exercise plans that can range from bodyweight exercises to resistance training and even advanced sports drills to help you reach peak performance.

Maintenance is essential to keeping your body in top condition, and we provide regular sports massage and soft tissue work along with ongoing exercise plans to help reduce the risk of future injuries. We also look at lifestyle factors that could be impacting your recovery, such as diet, hydration, and sleep, and provide simple advice and education to help you make positive changes. If needed, we can even refer you to other experts who can further support your recovery.