Office Wellness Packages

We are pleased to announce, we are now office wellness packages for your team.

Office massage is an extremely cost-effective way to alleviate physical and mental tension and is extremely popular with employees. We offer bespoke packages to suit your workplace. 

By adding workplace sports massage to your employee benefits you’ll be able to promote a healthier and happier environment, leading to increased motivation and productivity.

Our revitalising and invigorating in-office massage treatments are easily carried out on your premises and our expertly trained therapists fit seamlessly into your company’s daily schedule.

Sports Massage provides several benefits such as:

  • Relieves back and shoulder discomfort
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Boosts the immune system

Contact us to make an appointment where we can discuss office wellness packages further and create a bespoke package to suit your company’s needs. 

How many treatments can be done on a single day? 

We can deliver 9 x 20 minute treatments or 12 x 15 minute treatments per day. 

Do you plan on bringing any equipment? 

Yes, therapists bring all of the required equipment to your place of business. This includes a massage table and all cleaning equipment

How much room is needed? 

The space required is minimal; all that is required is a small room or an open area of around 2x2m for the therapist to move around during the massage.

Is this going to disrupt the office? 

No, since we work silently in an empty room or a quiet area. Sessions are only a few minutes long and staff return to work revitalised. 

If you’d like to speak to us about any of our corporate well-being packages, get in touch here or drop us an email at