Keeping fit through lockdown

During these national lockdowns, its so easy to get out of shape, stiffen up, neglect your rehab and become sedentary. However, one thing working from home, or being furloughed does, is give us time, and the opportunity for some self reflection.

I know we’re all in different situations but here are a few tips that have helped me get through these last few months.


My number 1 rule! It’s so important to try and remain active. Not just for our physical, but also mental wellbeing. Try to do some form of exercise at least once a day. This could be a gentle walk at lunch time, or a HIIT workout outside in the snow. The important bit is just to move! It’ll keep you joints mobile, stop you from ceasing up, and also help with your overall fitness.

Eat well

Now I’m no food expert, but one thing I do know that sugary processed foods Arn’t great for me. I don’t follow a particular diet, but focus more on eating clean, nutrient rich foods. I love cooking, baking and eating, and fortunately I have plenty of time at the moment to do all 3. Find something that works for you and stick to it! I’m fortunate that my sister is a nutritional therapist and always has lots of great tips! You can check her our here

Stay Sane!

Last but not least, keep sane! Find time for you. whether that might be going for a jog, mediation, yoga, listening to music, or whatever it is that you enjoy! Ive certainly spent far too much time this year playing video games but its certainly kept me going. Another slightly more productive hobby I’ve taken up is learning to paint water colours. My Grandma has been giving me zoom lessons every few weeks and its been a pleasant distraction from the toxic media!